Your Impact at Work

Your Impact at Work

Gifts made to the Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation directly impact and enhance care that is provided across Elliot Health System to patients throughout our community. It is because of your investment that we are able to fund the projects below.

Recently Funded Projects

This simulator training tool has advanced clinical training at Elliot Health System. Simulation training facilitates teamwork and deepens critical thinking skills at all levels and is comprehensively designed to help improve patient safety in patient care through education and training.

Elliot Hospital is committed to providing optimal care for dementia patients and caregivers by providing new tools and enhancing a calm, safe environment. Materials and activities purchased include: dementia activity carts, fidget blankets, music therapy, art therapy, community outreach education, and resource folders.

The 22,000-square-foot addition helps providers continue to give patients exceptional care. The space allows greater efficiency and a comfortable environment.

The Elliot Emergency Department footprint includes:

  • Three new trauma bays;
  • 32 private exam rooms;
  • Rapid triage and treatment area;
  • In-unit radiology and draw stations for needed bloodwork;
  • Six psychiatric evaluation rooms;
  • Enhanced air-handling and design to create safe-care environments that manage critical pandemic care needs, such as COVID-19.

At the Solinsky Center for Cancer Care, Medical and Radiation Oncology are offered in one convenient location. This provides an enhanced care experience for patients and their loved ones through increased clinical collaboration, improved healing and quality of care.

The Solinsky Center offers:

  • Three advanced linear accelerators for radiation therapy
  • Medical oncology clinic
  • Nurse navigators, who guide patients through their care plan
  • 14 infusion bays and a patient-centered Infusion Suite
  • Patient and family support services rooms, including a meditation space and healing garden
  • Draw station with an on-site lab
  • Multiple integrative medicine modalities

​​​In 2023, The Elliot completed construction and installation of a hybrid operating room (OR). A hybrid operating room is a surgical theater that is equipped with advanced medical imaging devices such as fixed c-arms and CT scanners. These devices allow for safer surgical approaches with better visualization, as well as an expansion of the services and procedures we can provide. A hybrid operating room has become the standard of care for many vascular, thoracic, and acute care procedures, as well as being flexible enough to utilize for other surgical specialties.

A Ceiling Mounted Supported Ambulation Unit is transformative in the level of care that rehabilitation therapists provide their patients and supports patients of all ages and all diagnoses. This is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that brings advanced technology to Greater Manchester to meet the physical needs of patients who may be rehabilitating from illness, injury or developmental challenges. Benefits of the new system include:

  • Traverse system allowing full utilization of the physical layout and equipment in the clinic all the while being supported throughout the movement. 
  • Safety system providing patients with increased support and freedom of movement thus giving therapists greater opportunity to concentrate on the patient’s movement.

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