Anticoagulation Clinic

Anticoagulation Clinic

A registered nurse with specialized anticoagulation training performs a finger stick prothrombin time (PT/INR) test. Based on the results, your anticoagulation medication dose and medical record will be updated, and the results will be verified with your primary care physician. You get your test results in just minutes, and you will receive printed dosing instructions at the time of the appointment.

Our Process

Our Anticoagulation Clinic will help you and your physician manage your therapy successfully. We work one-on-one with you to monitor and counsel you for the duration of your anticoagulation therapy.

At the time of your appointment, a registered nurse will perform a finger stick test, review your results with you, and adjust your dose appropriately. Your results are then updated to your electronic medical record where your physician can review them at any time.

This referral-based program monitors your prothrombin time (PT, INR) so that you will achieve and maintain desired therapeutic levels.

Contact Us

Our clinic is located at 138 Webster Street in Manchester, New Hampshire. For more information, please call.