Senior Health Primary Care

Senior Health Primary Care

Senior Health Primary Care specializes in treating patients 65 years of age or older. As part of the Elliot Physician Network, Senior Health Primary Care consists of Geriatricians and Advanced Practice Registered Nurses specially trained in the treatment of older adults. A Geriatrician is a medical doctor who is certified and trained in the Geriatric Medicine specialty.

Our Team Approach

The Geriatricians and Advance Practice Registered Nurses work closely with an integrated healthcare team comprised of nurses, medical assistants, a clinical pharmacist, and social workers in order to meet each patients’ individual health care needs. Longer office visits allow patients the opportunity to ask their doctor questions and obtain specific information about their health status.

We Are By Your Side

The care we provide extends beyond the exam room. Our nurse and medical assistants take the time to answer questions and send new or refill prescription orders to the pharmacy of choice. Our patient service representatives will assist you in making referrals and appointments with other specialists as well as for laboratory and radiology appointments before you leave the office. Should you experience any changes in your health, our staff is available to assist.

Care Settings

When healthcare goes beyond the doctor’s office, our physicians will be there to help manage your care. We follow our patients at select assisted living, nursing, and rehabilitation facilities in the area. We believe it is important for a senior to have consistent care from a doctor they know and trust. When making the transition to a new healthcare environment, we know you have a choice in physicians, and we look forward to continuing your care in the following settings:

  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Elliot Gero-psychiatric Unit

Elliot Health System is committed to full and open disclosure of our relationships with other health care organizations. Please be aware that Elliot Senior Health Primary Care Physicians serve patients in several of the extended care facilities in the local area. A list is available upon request from the patient’s Elliot Hospital case manager or by calling Elliot Senior Health Primary Care 603-663-7030.

If you do choose one of the facilities that is covered by the Elliot Senior Health Primary Care Physicians, please inform the staff upon admission to the extended care facility if you would like to be followed by our physicians. You have the right to specify your physician choice to the facility’s staff.

Contact Us

Senior Health Primary Care in Manchester is always accepting new patients. For a new patient appointment, please call.