Wound Care

Wound Care

Non-healing wounds are more common than you may think. Every year chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation, or other conditions keep three to five million Americans just like you from leading a normal life. 


The Elliot’s Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine can help you regain your life. Our unique, experienced team of dedicated doctors and nurses is specialized in wound care services and provides the most up-to-date treatment modalities.

Our Treatments

  • Debridement
  • Incision and drainage
  • Application of cellular and tissue-based products
  • Compression bandaging
  • Total contact casting
  • Negative pressure wound therapy
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

You can call directly to our main number 603-663-3630 to request an appointment if you feel you have an issue that needs to be addressed. You may also be referred to us directly by your provider.

No, we are a specialty service that will have no effect on your primary care physician or other specialists that you currently see. When being followed at the wound center you should not be treated for your wounds by multiple providers, unless medically necessary.

Yes, most major insurances cover our services. We will work with you to make sure that you understand what is covered or what services will not be covered so that you are fully aware prior to any treatments.

We have a team of physicians and nurse practitioners on service who will care for you and follow you for your treatments. Nurses, licensed nursing assistants and medical assistants may also assist with your care. At times you may have a nurse-only visit, where a registered nurse will complete a wound assessment, provide wound care, or a dressing change that does not require a provider visit on that date.

A chronic wound fails to show progress through the stages of wound healing. There are many factors that can cause a delay in this process. Your wound treatment plan will be tailored to you and address any barriers to healing.

This is a question that will be answered once you have your first visit and your wound is assessed. We have a multitude of treatments available to you such as debridements (cleaning of your wound with instruments), grafts, compression wraps, total contact casting, and more. Prior to any treatment being performed, the treatment will be explained to you and all your questions will be answered.

We do make referrals based on what your wound requires. Referrals may include surgical intervention, lab work, imaging studies and more. Our office staff will assist you with any required referral.

We highly discourage the use of these products as studies have shown that these products may affect your healthy skin as well.

This form of treatment is old school and no longer considered to be effective. The scab that may form when leaving a wound open to air may inhibit growth of healthy cells and progression of wound.

You may shower with an open wound. We encourage you to remove your dressing prior to a shower, then dry off, and redress your wound. We do not encourage bathing, swimming or hot tubs, as these have you immersed in water that may harbor pathogens.

Any change in your wound should be reported. If you notice any redness, warmth, swelling, fever or a change in drainage you should notify your wound care provider.

We are a hyperbaric oxygen therapy center and your provider will determine if this modality is appropriate for you and will advise you of your options. Common diagnoses treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy here at the wound center include diabetic wounds of the lower extremities, osteomyelitis, delayed radiation injury and compromised grafts and flaps.

Insurances will cover both services as long as they are not on the same day. If you are coming for an appointment at the wound center we will take care of dressing your wound that day, therefore you will not require a visit from the visiting nurses.


Our team has extensive training and experience treating a variety of wounds.