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Nurse Residency Program

The Elliot Hospital is proud to provide new graduate nurses with a residency program designed to support your transition to professional practice. This is a period of great excitement and professional growth but it can also be filled with questions and challenges.

Our mission at the Elliot Hospital is to nurture the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential in an acute care professional nurse by building on your academic knowledge. Clinical Nurse Educators will provide an open and accepting learning environment, incorporating learning strategies designed to refine your critical thinking and clinical reasoning. Experienced staff nurses and unit leaders will work together to ensure that you feel supported in your role transition and prepared to care for patients with challenging and complicated healthcare issues.

Throughout the first year, you will learn and grow with other new graduate RNs in both general and specialty education sessions. Transition support includes:

  • Trained nurse preceptors who guide your unit orientation
  • Classroom Discussions, led by experienced Nurse Educators that enhance clinical knowledge and critical thinking.
  • Case Studies that provide real life examples of medical issues faced by patients on your units.
  • Skill Review sessions that allow another chance for “hands on” practice.
  • Online learning programs and computer simulations that supplement skill development.
  • High and Low Fidelity simulations that provide a safe environment to practice and refine clinical skill, decision making and prioritization.
  • Debriefing sessions with other new graduate RNs that encourage and support reflective practice and successful role transition.

The Nursing Staff at the Elliot Health System are passionate about the roles that they play in patient safety and outcomes. Through the Transition to Practice Residency program, we commit to the professional development of our new nurses and hope to inspire a love for the art and science of professional nursing practice!

For more information, call the Department of Education at 603 663-4450. To apply for a position, click here!