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Elliot Health System is a non-profit organization serving your healthcare needs since 1890.
Elliot General Surgery

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Elliot at River's Edge
185 Queen City Avenue
Manchester, NH 03103
Located on the fourth floor of the medical building.

Phone: 603-663-5900
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Hours: Monday-Friday, 6:30 am – 5 pm

Surgical Specialties

General Surgeries and Definitions

Dentistry is the science concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the mouth and especially the teeth.

Anal Fistulectomy - removal of a tract between the anal canal and skin which is the result of an infection. The tract is opened and most packed with gauze, the incision left open to heal from the inside. Sometimes the wound is partially closed with a stitch.

Breast Biopsy - removal of tissue of the suspicious lesion or lump. The removed tissue is sent to the pathologist for diagnosis.

Hemorrhoidectomy - removal of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be either external or internal. It is a varicose (dilated) vein which can cause bleeding and pain.

Hernia Surgery - Hernias are named by their site in the body. Examples are femoral, umbilical, ventral or incisional, and the most common type is inguina (groin). A hernia is a protrusion of a stucture, such as intestine or fat, through a weakened abdominal wall.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy - involves the removal of the gall bladder through a minimally invasive surgical technique. Patients experience less discomfort and shorter recovery time.

Lumpectomy - a surgical procedure in which only the cancerous tumor and an area of surrounding tissue is removed.

Mastectomy - surgical removal of the breast and some of its surrounding tissue. Breast cancer is a disease with many variables. There are approximately 15 types of breast cancer, many that require different surgical management and treatment.

Pilonidal Cystectomy - a variety of surgical approaches is used to heal this cyst. The cyst may be opened to drain or be totally removed. In both cases packing is inserted. Another approach is to remove the cyst and immediately close wound.

Varicose Vein Treatment - Over 25 million people suffer from symptoms associated with varicose veins. Methods of treatment include the traditional method of vein stripping and the alternative method called the Closure Procedure.

Venous Access Device Placement - These devices are increasingly being used for the administration of antibiotics for hemodialysis.