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7-Year-Old Who Raised $4,000 for Elliot Health System Rewarded for Her Generosity

June 4, 2020

She’s had one mission, to raise money for health care workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now this seven-year-old is being rewarded for her generosity.

Lilyana (Lily) Roman has been playing her ukulele and singing in her front yard to collect donations for Elliot Health System.

“Lilyana’s mission was so incredibly touching to our team that we felt compelled to assist with her efforts. She’s one impressive little girl,” says Jazwares.

Jazwares is the company that makes the ukulele Lily has been playing. It learned about her incredible mission and recently sent her some gifts so she could continue playing music.

The 7-year-old now has a Minnie Mouse mic to match her Minnie Mouse ukulele. She also received a Frozen 2 ukulele, mic, amplifier, and keyboard.

“At Jazwares, giving back to the community wherever and however we can is part of our core. We hope that our gifts to Lilyana will continue to elevate her love for music and help grow her mission,” a company spokesperson says.

Lily raised $500 by asking for donations from neighbors and family members. Her summer camp matched the donation, and her aunt was able to get Verizon to match that donation. In total, she raised $4,000 to benefit the Elliot Emergency Fund.

If you’d like to help Lily’s cause, and our front line health care workers, you can donate directly to the Elliot Emergency Fund or the Front Lines NH campaign and write “in honor of Lily” in your donation.